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1. SafeRacks Products

What are the minimum height requirements for installation?

Since authorized SafeRacks™ installers customize the racks in your garage, they can adjust the racks to any height you’d like. This height is best determined the day of installation with the help of your experienced installer.

What is the maximum storage volume for a SafeRacks™ rack?

On an 8’ x4’ rack, with the height adjusted to 46”, the storage volume is 128 cubic feet.

Why is the 8'x4' option popular with SafeRacks customers?

It provides by far the best value of all the SafeRacks™ units. While getting a smaller rack is a little less expensive, the installation labor portion is the same. Our customers appreciate the 8 feet of unobstructed front access space of our most popular unit. It allows them to easily load bulky and otherwise hard to store items.

Can I install the units myself?

Yes but we recommend you use an authorized SafeRacks™ installer. The great majority of our customers chose to have us install the racks. However, if you would like to install the rack yourself, you will need to let our staff know at what height you would like the racks to be hung. The vertical supports will be cut for you prior to delivery. We will gladly provide you with a more detailed instruction sheet upon request.

Please Note: The horizontal support hangs 3" below the top of the wire mesh decking. Make sure to leave at least 1" clearance between the bottom of the rack and any objects such as a garage door opener or cabinets. Installation instructions are prepared for homeowners who are familiar with the basic installation of shelves, cabinets and storage racks and who understand and can locate the layout of ceiling joists.

What tools are required to install SafeRacks™ overhead storage systems?

We recommend the following tools:

Eye Protector
8' ladder
Rubber mallet
Cordless drill
3/16" drill bit
7/16" drill nut driver
7/16" open end wrench
Stud finder (deep scan/ electronic)
Drywall caulking
Tape Measure

Can I have my SafeRacks™ units installed professionally?

Yes! We would be happy to install your racks.

How long does it take you to install SafeRacks™ racks?

It will typically take an authorized SafeRacks™ installer approximately 1 hour per rack to install.

What is the SafeRacks™ warranty?

All SafeRacks™ overhead storage systems come with a limited lifetime product warranty to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase must be provided.

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2. Epoxy Flooring

Why Choose Roll On Rock™ for your garage floor?

Our coating materials have been specifically designed for residential garage use. Our products have been applied on thousands of garage floors and have been featured in model homes . Roll On Rock™ will transform your dull concrete floor into a stunning seamless masterpiece that will outshine other comparable products for years. Our Polyurea topcoat has an incredible gloss while at the same time it provides extreme chemical resistance and abrasion resistance which is why it will continue to shine when others start to fade.

What is Epoxy / Polyurea Granite-look Flooring System 3?

Roll On Rock™ System 3 is a Moisture Vapor Blocking Epoxy broadcast flake system that is topcoated with Polyurea designed to provide the look of granite to concrete floor surfaces while providing substrate protection from hot tires, abrasion, wear and chemical attack. Roll On Rock™ is the #1 choice for floor installation professionals.

The Granite-look system will not:

Fill cracks, spalls or expansion joints.
Fill perimeter cracks or serve as a caulk around the perimeter of the slab.
Hide excessive deterioration.
Strengthen the concrete.
Serve as a moisture or vapor barrier for moisture beneath the concrete.

3. Garage Cabinets

What are the cabinets made of?

Doors and sides are 3/4 inch thick industrial grade particle board, finished with a thermally fused Melamine laminate. The finish is available in all common color choices. European-style hinges are used on all doors.

What is Melamine?

Melamine is a thin laminate, similar in appearance and durability to a Formica-type product. Melamine is not applied to a heavy paper like Formica is, so it must be applied directly to a wood product substrate. Industrial grade particle board is the most common choice because of its density and smooth surface. Thermally Fused Melamine is applied to both sides of a panel under high heat, creating a bond that will never fail. We use Melamine panels because of their resistance to scratching and scuffing, and because it is more economical than a Formica-type of product.

How are the cabinets installed?

They are screwed directly into the wall studs using 3 inch steel screws. They are suspended above the floor about six or seven inches. Garages are susceptible to infiltration by insects and sometimes even rodents. Creating a platform for the cabinets to sit on creates a place for pests to hide. Raising the cabinets off the floor, it is easy to sweep the floors or hose under the cabinets to keep the garage clean and free of pests.

Why do you use particle board?

The grade of particle board we use is referred to as “industrial grade”. It is an extremely dense material, unlike the flake board and composition board found at the Home Improvement Centers. The cabinets have a 5 year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.

4. General Information

Are your installers insured?

Yes. All installers are insured and covered by workers compensation insurance.

Are you a licensed contractor?

Yes, Our license number is 881963.

Is financing available?

Financing is available through Wells Fargo Financial.
Click here to submit the consumer credit application.

5. Helpful Links

Hate that clutter? Don't know who can help?
Donate Your Junk to a Worthy Cause - The GoodWill
Nationwide Telephone Number - 800-664-6577

Sell your stuff in a Classified Flea Market - PennySaver
Connect on the Internet to Advertise

Southern California - Recycler Classifieds
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When You Don't Have the Time: - Junk Removal
1 800 GOT JUNK (800-468-5865)

Craig's List-Sell your Stuff Online

Tips on Organizing your Garage

We have assembled a checklist for our clients to help with the organization and preparation of their garage.

  1. Start by removing everything in the garage. Put bicycles, lawnmowers, trash cans, and other large objects that you know you need out of the way.
  2. Sort your items. Make a pile of sports equipment and toys, one for gardening items, another for automotive care, you get the picture. Containerize small items that belong together, such as tools, bottles of household cleaners, etc. Be sure to make a pile to give away, to throw away, and that long over due garage sale. Keep these last items out of your garage, so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. If you don’t want to leave your stuff outside or have room to store it, you may want to use a temporary storage area while you do the next step. There are some portable storage companies, such as PODS (Portable on Demand Storage) that will drop off a 12’ long, 8’ tall, and 6’ wide container in your driveway. With this, you can fill it up, and lock it.
  4. Now before you put everything back in, call us. We can design your garage storage layout with functionality, easy access, and great looks. We’ll leave you with a full set of plans, pricing, and timing for our part of the project.
  5. With plans in place, schedule any additional work you may want done before the flooring, cabinets and racks are installed. Maybe a few new electrical outlets or additional lighting. If you have an older home, you may consider dry-walling unfinished walls, and possibly the ceiling. Thinking about a new water heater? Consider a tankless one, if your old one is taking up valuable space and wasting energy. Also, now is the time to paint. It’s always easier to paint an empty room. Consider this a regular part of the house. Use a new color you may have just used in your living room. Your garage doesn’t have to look industrial.
  6. As scheduled, we’ll now install your flooring/cabinets /over head racks.
  7. Fill up your cabinets and racks. That extra Pantry cabinet by the door to the kitchen is good for those Jumbo 12 packs of paper towels and the case of chili that was such a great deal. The cabinets above the washer and dryer are great for all your cleaning supplies out of the reach of small children. Holiday decorations are all organized and out of the way on your SareRacks™ units overhead. Camping equipment is ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  8. Your cars fit in the garage once again! Wow!! Enjoy the organized garage you created.

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